Research Initiatives

Sigma Alpha consistently sponsors an educational session during the Annual Meeting of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. Here are some resources from our presentation:

In the Fall of 2001, Gamma Sigma Alpha and the Higher Education Department at Bowling Green State University, entered into a partnership to study achievement in fraternities and sororities.

This partnership allowed GSA and BGSU to jointly supervise a doctoral graduate student to do the following:

  1. To compile an annotated bibliography of studies to date on achievement in fraternities and sororities, and like organizations.  This bibliography of over 100 such studies is now posted.
  2. To identify areas in need of study that are not covered by the annotated bibliography.
  3. To produce study designs of areas in need of study (for any graduate student to study).
  4. To engage in studies of areas identified.  Outcomes of these studies will be posted on this site as they are completed.

Academic Research Initiatives

Gamma Sigma Alpha has sponsored research initiatives on the topic of academic success. This involved research on academic predictors at many different Fraternity and Sorority communities around the country as well as collecting other research. We hope you find this information useful.

Bowling Green Research Initiative | Download the PDF

One of our major projects has been the BGSU Research Initiative. Please download the overview of information about that research project. More findings and information will be posted soon.

Annotated Bibliography | Download the PDF

In an effort to capture current and past research Gamma Sigma Alpha has collected and funded the development of an Annotated Bibliography of articles on the topic of academic success and Greek Life. Please contact us with other articles you think we should include.

Future Updates

Gamma Sigma Alpha and BGSU through our research initiative have identified several likely areas to be studied on Greek academic achievement.

  • Deferred Recruitment Study
  • Controls for Studying Greek Academic Achievement