Re-Establishing a Chapter

1 Contact  the Gamma Sigma Alpha Office. This is not a difficult process and typically takes approximately 6 weeks from the beginning of the process to the initiation ceremony on your campus. We are here to help every step of the way!

2 An information packet is available online. Fill out the petition to establish a new chapter if chapter has NOT been chartered. If your institution is on our list of chapters, then the petition isn’t necessary.

3 If possible, hand select a couple of students you know who qualify, to assist in the re/organization. Think beyond governing council officers and chapter scholarship chairs, involving these folks is great, but your highest academic achievers who are less involved in other activities may have more time and be more invested in the organization’s success.

4 Inform the Greek Community of the re/establishment of the chapter.

  • Discuss the value of having a chapter on your campus.
  • Encourage chapters to support their members who qualify for membership.
5 Determine list of eligible students.

  • Junior or senior standing
  • 3.5 cumulative grade point average or minimum one semester of 3.5 during junior or senior year (a higher GPA may be set)
  • Contact Registrar’s Office to provide the list and contact those who qualify with a “nomination” e-mail or have students “apply” and include verification of grade eligibility (they can submit transcript to you or grant you permission to check grade status). Membership is NOT exclusive, all who qualify should be accepted.

Prepare a membership information sheet.

7 Set date and location for initiation.

  • Make arrangements for refreshments, if desired.
8 Notify/invite students to join.

  • Include basic information about the organization.
  • Gamma Sigma Alpha does not need grade verification, but grades MUST be verified in some way on campus.
  • $35 goes to GSA headquarters, so decide how much the chapter will want in addition to that, most campuses charge $40 without cords, $50 if they are utilizing cords. This would allow $5 of membership fees to stay in your office to assist with administrative costs, support academic programs, etc. (use your own discretion).
9 Send paperwork and check to Gamma Sigma Alpha headquarters. Allow 2 weeks for delivery, otherwise a rush charge should be added.

10 Prepare for the ritual ceremony.

  • A copy of the ritual will be included in your initiation materials shipment
    Ritual items can be ordered through the web site if desired
  • If all students are not able to attend initiation, make pins/cords/certificates available to pick-up at a central location on campus.
  • Send any pictures taken to Gamma Sigma Alpha.

Online Process Initiation

We are excited to welcome your Chapter’s new initiates to Gamma Sigma Alpha.

This form must be completed for both credit card and check payments.  Please note orders will not be processed until payment is received.

**All Fraternity/Sorority members listed on an initiation roster must be in good standing with his/her chapter, has fulfilled the academic eligibility requirement of Gamma Sigma Alpha (3.5 cumulative GPA or higher out of 4.0 with 39 completed semester hours) or 3.5 or higher out of 4.0 in any junior or senior semester), and has submitted the $50 per inductee national membership fee (includes certificate, lapel pin, and honor cord).