GSA Resources & FAQ

GSA Resources & FAQ

Advisor Resource

We encourage all of our chapters to have a chapter advisor on your campus. This person can be a staff member in your office of Greek Life, a faculty member or another staff member you see as an advocate for Greek academic achievement.

Information Packet

The information packet includes the Gamma Sigma Alpha history, chapter petition form, sample letter to prospective members, sample membership information, suggested chapter programming ideas, a listing of chapters by state and a material order form.

Recruitment Brochure

Brochures for each new member are mailed with initiation materials. If you are interested in receiving brochures to assist with recruitment or chartering a new chapter, contact the Executive Director and brochures will be mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the national dues cover?

Gamma Sigma Alpha works diligently to keep costs as low as possible. The national dues cover the costs of the initiation badge and certificate as well as subsidize our scholarship and regional award programs. However, we never want financial hardship to be a reason a student doesn’t join. You may consider adding a fee of $1 or $2 to the dues to cover the cost of a student who demonstrates financial hardship.

Can we charge a local dues?

Absolutely! Do what you can to keep the cost realistic to your student body, but some schools charge just a few more dollars to create a scholarship fund (mentioned above) or an extra $10-15 to cover academic programming, sponsor students to attend a regional conference, cover office administrative costs, etc.

Can we initiate honorary members?

Yes, you are welcome to initiate graduate students working with the Society or simply reach out to faculty or staff who are advocates to the fraternity community at your school. The honorary dues are the same as member dues, however, some of our chapters sponsor honorary members through their local dues or ask the honorary member to sponsor themselves and a student in financial hardship. Do what you think might work with your chapter.

Is there a minimum number of students we can initiate?

There is no minimum or maximum number of students to initiate, however we encourage you to reach out to all students who meet the GPA requirements.

My campus already has Order of Omega, what’s the difference?

Order of Omega is a society based on leadership and academics and limits membership to 3% of the total number of enrolled fraternity/sorority undergraduates. Gamma Sigma Alpha membership is solely based on academics and there is no limit to the number of students a chapter can initiate.

I understand that members must be fraternity/sorority affiliated, but what about the other non-social greek-letter organizations on campus (ex: Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Gamma Omega, Phi Alpha Delta and others)?

We welcome members from all greek-letter organizations, including local groups if recognized by their institution.

I run a business or speak on the topic of academic excellence and fraternities, is there an opportunity to partnership with Gamma Sigma Alpha?

Unfortunately, at this time Gamma Sigma Alpha is not entertaining solicitation request or conducting an Associate Member program.

Why is Gamma Sigma Alpha as a recognition honor society important?

Most people like the feeling of being successful. Sometimes it helps to create a margin of excellence that propels our students towards greater challenges.  There are many people willing to work a little harder to receive special recognition and the results benefit them and their chapter. We want student to get the recognition they deserve. That’s why we have recognition societiesRecognition societies thank and honor our members who help advance the University’s mission through a high level of academic commitment. Not just something they are striving for, but something they have already achieved.  Something as simple as recognition can make the difference between an excellent education and an extraordinary one.

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