Undergraduate Scholarship Program Information

ELIGIBILITY:  Any initiated member of Gamma Sigma Alpha with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. All applicants must have been initiated prior to their application submission.  Candidates will complete an application their junior year for awards applied to academic work their senior year.  Selection will be based upon academic record, recommendations submitted, the applicant’s statement, and campus and community activities. All scholarship recipients MUST be from an active chapter of Gamma Sigma Alpha. 


A completed application includes the following:

  • The online application form
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • One page essay
  • Official Transcript(s) of all academic work


  • All information must be typewritten with complete answers
  • Applications and supporting documentations that are NOT typed will not be considered


  • Acceptance of the scholarship involves an obligation to begin and complete the year of study following the award of the scholarship. The recipient must be enrolled full-time and must be working towards completion of a degree.
  • Any request by a recipient for an exception shall be directed to the Executive Director.
  • A scholarship will be awarded only for educational purposes.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Attach a resume of your activities including significant contributions to your campus GSA chapter, campus activities, community service, research conducted, organizational memberships, offices held, and honors and recognitions received:
  1. Write a one page essay on the importance of academic integrity and the role Gamma Sigma Alpha takes in promoting academic integrity as part of your undergraduate education. Please upload your essay to this scholarship application.


  • Notify Executive Director promptly of the acceptance of the scholarship and return the recipient agreement.
  • Upon registration for the senior year, request the Registrar of the institution you are attending to send a written statement of enrollment, with seal embossed, to the address below. The scholarship funds will then be sent directly to the recipient.


  • Supply all information requested, including the application form, to Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society, prior to the published deadline. An incomplete application will NOT be considered.