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Gamma Sigma Alpha Recognizes Thousands Each Year

Gamma Sigma Alpha (GSA) exists to recognize the academic accomplishments of students nationwide.  As Greeks, we want our students to be proud of their accomplishments; and, the Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Honor Society, since its inception, has rewarded its members with/through:

  • GSA Honor Cords for Graduations
  • Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Study Opportunities
  • Chapter Programming Grants
  • GPA Chapter of the Year and Honor Roll Recognition
  • Nationwide Network of Fellow and Alum Initiates

With thousands of initiates across the country and hundreds of chapters, Gamma Sigma Alpha members are positively  impacting their campuses and communities each day.

We encourage you to tell others about Gamma Sigma Alpha, start or reactive your campus’ chapter, or host a GSA event today. Our National Office stands ready to assist you.  Feel free to contact us any time to learn how best to recognize the students on your campus.

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