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Tweeting Study Tips

Social media can be one of the biggest distractions students face when studying for exams, writing papers and working on final projects. It’s more difficult than ever before to focus on the task at hand when Facebook, Twitter, Linked In employment news, YouTube videos and everything else is at their fingertips! If you are an advisor or admin a group Twitter account, now is a great time to incorporate some study tips into your social media. It might be just what they need to read in order to bring their focus back to studying. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of our favorites below to get you started. Use hashtag #gettingthegrade and/or #gammasigmaalpha if you add your own and we’ll compile a longer list for future use! 


  • Study Tip: Create a fact sheet for each of your classes a few weeks before exams and review regularly. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Protein is better than caffeine and it won’t leave you jittery! #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Discuss issues with your prof/ TA PRIOR to exam week. They can help! #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Use campus resources: writing lab, tutoring services, stress counseling, etc. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Avoid fast food, it will make you lethargic-munch on almonds & whole grains instead. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Enlist a study buddy-set study goals 2gether & reap rewards after-success is best shared! #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Move! Break up study sessions with brisk walks. Helps w/fact retention & alertness. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Study actively-read, hear, see, say & do. Flash cards, discussions, outlines etc. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Make a checklist or calendar and plan your study attack. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Vary the time of day you study, this can help with retaining the material. #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
  • Study Tip: Use the power of positive thinking & get some rest prior to test day! #gettingthegrade #gammasigmaalpha
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West Fraternal Leadership Conference Awards Announced

Fraternity/Sorority community representatives are gathering at the West Fraternal Leadership Conference which is held in conjunction with the National Cultural Greek Leadership Conference (WFLNCGLC) this week. Gamma Sigma Alpha was pleased to be represented there today to announce our regional GPA awards and honor roll recipients. The institution receiving the highest award for the Spring 2011 academic period is also the winner for the Fall 2011 academic period and that is the University of San Diego! Congratulations!


The Honor Roll schools that are attending WFLNCGLC this week are listed below. These schools have fraternity/sorority communities that achieve a higher GPA than the general undergraduate communities.

Spring 2011 Honor Roll recipients:
San Diego State University
University of Southern California
Loyola Marymount University
University of San Diego
University of California, Los Angeles

Fall 2011 Honor Roll recipients:
San Diego State University
University of Southern California
Loyola Marymount University
University of San Diego
University of Puget Sound
University of California, Los Angeles

For more information about Gamma Sigma Alpha and how you can get your school name on this list, visit our website.

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SEPA Awards Announced

For the past 12 years Gamma Sigma Alpha has honored those schools whose fraternity and sorority GPA is at or above their undergraduate counterparts. Begun in 2000, the Gamma Sigma Alpha regional GPA competition seeks to recognize those schools within the various regions whose undergraduate GPA is the greatest above their undergraduate GPA. Last week, Gamma Sigma Alpha was pleased to recognize academic achievement among the sorority communities attending the Southeastern Panhellenic Association Conference. 

The institution receiving top academic honors with the SEPC Regional GPA award for Spring 2011 is ALSO our winner for Fall 2011 and that sorority community is at the University of Miami.

The schools listed below were able to achieve honor roll during both 2011 terms.

The Honor Roll recipients for SEPA are:

Birmingham-Southern College
Brenau University
Clemson University
Dartmouth College
Jacksonville State University
Samford University
University of Alabama
University of Central Florida
University of Georgia
University of Louisiana at Monroe
University of Miami
University of South Carolina
Valdosta State University


A full list of honor roll schools and regional award recipients will be published mid-month after awards are presented at The West Fraternal Leadership Conference. You still have time to add your school to our Honor Roll if the Fraternity/Sorority GPA is above the all-undergraduate GPA. Complete the online form here.

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