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Scholarship Plan Planning? Here are some great examples for possible inclusion!

We highlighted the Fraternity/Sorority Community Academic Report Card on our website and blogged about the process of creating a scholarship plan. Below are some “Best Practice” examples we’ve compiled that have been shared with us from Gamma Sigma Alpha chapters across the country and through our Regional Academic Award Submissions. We have categorized them in the same way we did for the report card so they can be easily added to your scholarship plan that outlines activities in that way.

Standards and Policies: 

  • At Case Western Reserve University the Gamma Sigma Alpha chapter assists the Greek Life office and handles peer appeals when Greek officers, both within the chapters and the officers of the governing councils are academically ineligible to hold office.
  • Working in conjunction with the Academic Centers for Excellence office, each Greek-letter organization is paired with a graduate academic coach to help with academic presentations and/or individual member issues at the University of South Carolina.

Scholarship Program:

  • Many fraternity/sorority chapters across the country, including those at Muhlenberg College and Clemson University, are required by the Greek Life office to have an annual scholarship plan that includes measures to address low achievers and new members as well as a reward system for high achievers
  • We encourage you to find a way to recognize all 4.0 students. Communities around the country do this during a Greek Awards Ceremony, Scholarship Tea with the President, Free coffee voucher, newspaper ad, etc.
  • Oklahoma State University hosts a scholarship chair chapter office training to share successes & challenges.


  • Butler University hosts a Midnight Breakfast each finals week—free breakfast in dining halls served by faculty & staff, learning resource center is on-site distributing study tips, give-aways and tutoring opportunities.
  • Missouri State University’s fraternity/sorority life office implemented a tutoring program for students struggling academically.
  • We encourage all chapters that have physical chapter space to expand quiet space availability on campus and encourage enforcement in chapter houses during mid-terms and finals week. Indiana University’s large chapter houses do this each semester.

Faculty Advisors/Faculty Relations: 

  • University of Central Florida hosts roundtables for advisors with a topic of scholarship each semester.
  • The Gamma Sigma Alpha chapter at the University of Iowa created a faculty/staff appreciation award for individuals who help contribute to the academic success of their members, chapters & community.
  • The Gamma Sigma Alpha chapter hosts quarterly faculty dinners with students at Northwestern University.
  • Elmhurst College hosts a Faculty Appreciation Day throughout the Fraternity/Sorority community, encouraging students to send thank you notes, post signs in faculty lounges, tweet or utilize social media to spread appreciation.

Community Culture:

  • Many communities, including the University of Louisiana at Monroe, publish grade ‘rankings’ of Greek-letter organizations as a way of recognition, we encourage you to incorporate these statistics into recruitment materials.
  • Do not only recognize highest GPA—also recognized most improved and encourage chapters to recognize individuals for most improved in their chapters
  • Brenau University hosts a Study-a-thon each semester. The University of San Diego does this with free chair massages to increase student attendance. We encourage all communities to host a social freeze during ‘dead’ week which NO SOCIAL EVENTS may be scheduled.
  • Integrate an academic focused event into Greek Week (tutoring circles, study hours with snacks, Greek Assembly with speaker on tips to be a better student
  • Conduct a “Letters in the Library” campaign—encouraging members to wear their lettered attire to study in the library and record their study hours in a binder at the library desk. At the end of the semester, award the chapter that had the most study hours to member ratio. Drake University did this and the program was so successful they now also host ‘Letters in the Gym” to encourage healthy lifestyles!

Do you have a ‘best practice’ to add to our list? Tweet, post on Facebook or comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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