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Kristine Campbell

KristineCampbell 2009

Kristine Campbell is one of six scholarship winners for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Kristine Campbell graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham last May with a degree in Biology and high hopes to attend medical school this fall. Gamma Sigma Alpha helped her achieve her goal by awarding her one of the six scholarship designated this year. Campbell was initiated into Gamma Sigma Alpha in 2007 and served as Treasurer and President of the local chapter. In addition to Gamma Sigma Alpha, Campbell was involved in Alpha Omicron Pi, the Student Alumni Society, Catholic Student Ministries…the list could continue.

A recommendation letter was written to support Campbell’s scholarship application. Her reference said, “(Kristine has the) ability to formulate innovative solutions to problem. She was also known as a self starter, able to seize upon a problem, analyze its components and execute a solution with minimal supervision. There is no doubt she has the intellectual capacity¬†and power to make her mark in medicine.”

Campbell felt honored to be a part of Gamma Sigma Alpha and felt it allowed her to work closely with leaders in her organization and around campus. She said, “Gamma Sigma Alpha has shown me that others value academic success of college students and this organization has helped to refine my leadership skills and become more involved on campus.”

Gamma Sigma Alpha wishes Kristine Campbell all the success she can ask for during her first year of medical school at the University of Alabama. She is just one example of the outstanding students the organization initiates every year and we are confident she will make a difference in the world.

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